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  1. ATmega32 Bare Metal JTAG - Part 2: Signalling and Initialization

    Today's post is a group effort. The code and electronic design comes from yesterday's AUGH, and was authored by Rob Crowther (weilawei), Anthony Russell-Smith, and Luke Dyson (massspec). We set ourselves a goal to wire up the ATmega32 for a full set of JTAG signals and to bitbang the necessary …

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  2. ATmega32 Bare Metal JTAG - Part 1: External Interrupt Handling and TCK

    This example expands on the code from previous examples running code on the ATmega32. Note that this code is building towards interrogating other devices using JTAG, not demonstrating the internal JTAG features of the ATmega32 specifically.

    I started by cleaning up the driver for the status LED on PORTB0. This …

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  3. Resistor Quiz

    This is a simple resistor quiz for both color bands to values and values to color bands. I wrote it because I couldn't find a quiz generator which worked in both directions. All values are in ohms. The list common_values can be altered to change the list of values from …

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