Spring Cleaning Changelog

After seven years on the previous platform (using Jekyll on Heroku), I've decided to migrate the whole shebang to the ijsbeer.org server instead of pointing the old subdomain (longchute.ijsbeer.org) at it. The Heroku platform worked well for long time, but maintaining Jekyll on their stack as they upgraded was becoming more of a time sink than I'd like. Beneath the hood, I've switched over to using Pelican to generate the site--and updates are still as simple as git pushing the latest changes to the server.

The bench

The biggest new addition is the Bare Metal Wiki. It's a collaboration between myself and a couple friends to pull together information about bare metal development on the ARMv8-A and RISC-V architectures. We're focusing on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and the upcoming SiFive HiFive1 Rev B board.

A plethora of bare metal hackery

As part of that project, we've started holding a regular semi-weekly ARM User Group Hackathon (AUGH) where we discuss the ARM architecture, share our latest discoveries, and hack on hardware and software projects at all levels. If you're interested in stopping by or hosting your own AUGH, send an email to weilawei@ijsbeer.org.

That's the news for now (and please excuse any glitches while I finish sprucing up the place). Thanks!